Sap Gui License Agreement

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But what happens is that SAPGUI (or SAP Frontend Component) is delivered in the SAP product installation package – which is definitely licensed for the customer. Please note me a clue, where he says that for the installation of SAP GUI “no license is required”. This is SAP`s definition of local contractual use: “`Use` is set to enable, load, run, access, use the software or display the information that derives from these functions. Use can be done through an interface provided with or as part of the software, a licensee or an interface of a third-party provider or other intermediate system. Any “use” of SAP software, regardless of the method of access, requires an appropriate license. If the information described here is at odds with what is in your contract with SAP, your contract always wins. SAP`s new pricing model and related changes only apply to new contracts – they do not change what is in an existing agreement. Please note that these definitions and descriptions apply only to SAP ERP systems and not to cloud-based SAP applications. SAP calls it “direct human access” and defines it as: “Direct Human Access occurs when people sign up to use the ERP system via an interface provided with or as part of the ERP system. Direct Human Access is allowed on a user base.┬áIf you think you have a lack of license, you can stop and do nothing, but it won`t work forever.

You can buy more of what you are currently licensed to fill in the gaps. Or you can judge whether the new document-based licensing model is right for your business. What is use? Use is use. Any use must be licensed, whether or not that licence requires a fee. All SAP processes you do in your business must be licensed. If you place reservations in SAP, this will be used. SAP protects its intellectual property like any other technology company. SAP does not need an indirect static playback license if it meets all these criteria: you can also download them from – but this requires an S user identifier, which in turn applies to a particular customer and is therefore bound by a licensing agreement and a fee. These are some of the areas where you can look for potential changes that may affect compliance with your license agreement: you can measure the activity levels that support these licenses to make sure they are realistic. If you have z.B 10 user licenses in the debtors and you process one million debtor bookings each year, your current usage may not be in accordance with your contract.