Ffrdc Sponsoring Agreement

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(e) the duration of the agreement shall not exceed five years, but may be extended in stages not exceeding five years due to periodic review. (d) The Sponsorship Agreement or the policies and procedures of the sponsoring agencies may, where appropriate, contain other provisions, such as. B identification of – (b) While the specific content of a sponsorship agreement varies depending on the situation, the contract must include at least the requirements of paragraph (c) of this subsection. The requirements and content of sponsorship agreements may be specified in the guidelines and procedures of the sponsoring agencies. 1. the types of costs that must be agreed in advance when cost-type contracts are used; and (c) at least the following requirements must be taken into account either in a sponsorship agreement or in the policies and procedures of the sponsoring agencies: (2) provisions relating to the orderly termination or non-termination of the contract, the transfer of assets and the payment of commitments. Responsibility for the capitalization of an FFRDC must be defined in such a way that ownership of assets can be determined easily and fairly at the end of the FFRDC`s relationship with its sponsors. a) In order to facilitate a long-term relationship between the government and a FFRDC, to define the mission of the FFRDC and to ensure a regular reassessment of the FFRDC, a written agreement on assistance between the government and the FFRDC will be prepared during the establishment of the FFRDC. The sponsorship contract can take several forms; it may be included in a contract between the government and the FFRDC or in any other legal instrument in which an FFRDC makes efforts or in a separate written agreement. Notwithstanding its form, the sponsorship contract must be clearly identified as such by the promoter. (5) A demarcation between the right or not of the FFRDC to accept work in relation to the sponsor(s) other than the sponsor(s). If non-sponsorship work can be accepted, a delineation of the procedures to be followed as well as restrictions on the form of non-sponsorship that can be accepted (other federal authorities, public or local governments, non-profit or for-profit organizations, etc.). (1) A statement on the purpose and mission of the FFRDC.

(4) Prohibition on the FFRDC competing with a non-FFRDC application in response to a request from the Federal Agency to propose proposals for proposals other than the operation of an FFRDC. This prohibition should not apply to parent organizations or other subsidiaries of the parent organization in their non-FFRDC establishments. Requests for information, qualifications or skills may be answered, unless the sponsor limits anything else. (3) A provision for the determination of profit reserves (reserves) and the preparation of a plan for their use and disposal. (2) Recitals which have an impact on the negotiation of royalties if the sponsor(s) consider that the payment of fees is appropriate. .