Cotutelle Agreements

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Internal funds managed by the Graduate School are rewarded abroad. Students must obtain permission for all internal distinctions managed by their department or faculty while being on a co-supervision. The HRK has drawn up a Cotutelle guide to facilitate the establishment of an individual joint supervision contract between the institutions concerned. The Cotutelle programs have proven themselves many times in universities in France. Framework agreements on the procedure have also been concluded between HRK and Italy and Chile. But it is also possible to conclude individual agreements with other countries; the recommendations of the HRK can be applied if necessary. Signing a co-supervision agreement is a good idea when a doctoral thesis is needed from another university outside Finland. Co-supervision – also known as Co Doctoral Supervision – is an agreement in which a PhD student wishes to obtain a PhD at two different universities or other higher education institutions in two different countries. Doctoral students work in the same way on their thesis in both universities, under the supervision of at least two facilitators. The goal of a co-supervision agreement is for the candidate to graduate from both universities, but complete only one doctoral thesis. The doctoral program in which the doctoral student is registered in each institution. The university to which tuition fees are paid. The place where the thesis is defended.

There is a model co-supervision agreement available to applicants in Spanish and English. What exactly is part of a “Cotutelle” program? In order for a co-supervision agreement to be signed, the applicant must be a student enrolled in a PhD at the UAM. Doctoral theses written within the framework of the co-supervision agreements will also be followed. Advisors (one from each institution) must normally be professors at the signatory universities. If the UAM consultant is from a partner institution, the co-supervision agreement must be accompanied by a separate agreement between UAM and that institution. To enable researchers from other institutions to qualify as AMU professors, their institutions must be included in the verification reports of doctoral programs, as indicated in their agreements with the UAM To apply for a co-supervision agreement, the candidate must meet the conditions for admission to doctoral programs defined in Spain by Article 6 of Royal Decree 99/2011 as amended by Royal Decree 195/2016. The final thesis is usually written in one of the languages concerned, with, if necessary, a final summary in the other language. In the promotional defense or viva voce (rigorosum), the candidate is examined by a jury representative of both institutions. The exact details shall be determined by the institutions participating in the joint supervision contract.

The institutions concerned must conclude a general or individual agreement (at the level of the university management or at the level of the faculty or departments) on the evaluation procedure to be followed. Formal responsibilities in this process may vary from institution to institution. In some cases, assisting professors may be required to inquire with the faculty/department or with the university management about the possibilities of entering into such agreements….