Clinical Trials Agreement Checklist

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Improve your strategic negotiation ability by considering the following before entering into an agreement: offer the sponsor one of clauses 1 to 9 (clause 5 is probably the most comprehensive). If you are analyzing a clause proposed by the sponsor, fill out the sponsored Research Study/Agreement which you will find here: Intellectual Property Clauses Checklist for Sponsored Research Agreements. Offer the “Clinical Trial” option (clause 10). If the sponsor accepts the clause in this release, do not complete the rest of this checklist. If the sponsor has not accepted our option and has proposed a clause containing a license right, continue with question 4. insert time limits, as indicated in point 1.1; 2.4; 3.2; 4.3; 5.3; 7; 8.2; 9.3. . If you are analyzing a clinical trial agreement, complete the Clinical Trials Agreement section below. .